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fixed 2011-03-17 can we render the spanish n ñ 0.6
2011-03-16 Fix the changelog 0.6
fixed 2010-09-28 Issue fields in UTF-8 encoding are stored in uneditable format 0.6
fixed 2010-09-28 Тестовая бага, для проверки поддержки UTF8 0.6
2009-07-12 empty description from editor kills ditz
fixed 2009-07-08 .ditz-plugins file should be optional
2008-11-11 shell completion and plugins
2008-11-10 issue-claiming plugin should compare email addresses only
2008-11-06 comments should be in separate files, like issues are
fixed 2008-11-01 make ditz --help reference the "ditz help" command 0.6
fixed 2008-11-01 allow configuration of whether the editor is used or not 0.6
2008-11-01 references to release and components should be by id instead of name
2008-10-28 Show the results of ditz claimed and ditz mine in HTML
fixed 2008-10-27 'ditz archive' should remove the release from the list of releases 0.6
fixed 2008-10-26 add model object post-creation validation 0.6
fixed 2008-10-13 'ditz add' shouldn't ask for comments 0.6
fixed 2008-10-11 drop-release command 0.6
fixed 2008-09-26 Store issues in .ditz directory by default 0.6
fixed 2008-09-20 add icalendar (rfc2445) output 0.6
2008-09-03 add recent comments to commented section when composing a comment in $EDITOR 0.6
2008-09-03 markdown/textile/redcloth support in descriptions and comments
fixed 2008-09-03 make 'git grep' take a -i for case-insensitivity 0.6
2008-09-01 Extract and abstract issue types.
fixed 2008-09-01 Issue types and releases arren't displayed on issue add. 0.6
won't fix 2008-09-01 Improve the 'ditz init' experience 0.6
fixed 2008-09-01 Use text editor for multiline input where possible. 0.6
2008-08-30 detect URLs in comments, title, descriptions and linkify them in html output
fixed 2008-08-30 add configuration setting for controlling pager invocation 0.6
2008-08-30 releases and components should be separate files, like issues are
fixed 2008-08-30 'reconfigure' command needs to work without loading the project 0.6
fixed 2008-08-28 Perform git-style automatic pagination 0.6
fixed 2008-08-27 move ditz.1 man page to man/man1/ 0.6
fixed 2008-08-25 hide git errors when a branch doesn't exist 0.6
fixed 2008-08-25 move all lib files to a 'ditz' subdirectory 0.6
fixed 2008-08-22 bash completion: support for --comment and --no-comment 0.6
fixed 2008-08-21 make sheila work 0.6
fixed 2008-08-21 explicitly mark model object generators that require interaction as such 0.6
fixed 2008-08-21 move png and rhtml files to a share/ directory 0.6
2008-08-20 rework hooks to handle both issues and projects
in progress 2008-08-19 allow model object post-deserialization validation 0.6
2008-08-19 upgrade 'ditz archive' to FileStorage mechanism
fixed 2008-08-17 add "recent activity on this release" section of webpage 0.5
fixed 2008-08-17 replace global --no-comment with per-command --no-comment options 0.5
2008-08-17 add a 'dependencies' plugin, for formally modeling issue deps
fixed 2008-08-06 support tiny issue identifiers (like #34) in the single-component case 0.6
fixed 2008-08-06 unix-centrism: USER environment variable assumed 0.5
fixed 2008-08-05 replace 'todo-full' with todo --all 0.5
fixed 2008-08-05 issue-claiming plugin should prevent you from closing or starting an issue claimed by someone else 0.5
fixed 2008-08-05 'ditz unclaimed' doesn't show unassigned unclaimed issues 0.5
2008-08-04 git commits duplicated if both Ditz-issue: and git_branch used
fixed 2008-08-04 hooks are run twice if a project devel root is under a home directory 0.5
fixed 2008-08-03 add a --silent option to ditz edit, so avoid generating a log message 0.5
2008-08-03 add example hooks to webpage
2008-07-30 support both per-project and per-user .ditz-config files
2008-07-30 support both per-project and per-user .ditz-plugin files
fixed 2008-07-29 move comments to the bottom of the buffer when editing a multline 0.5
2008-07-29 ruby 1.9 breaks ditz
fixed 2008-07-28 make tarball installable without requiring rubygems 0.5
2008-07-28 add a 'severity' plugin, for assigning severities to issues
2008-07-28 add a 'priority' plugin, for assigning priorities to issues
fixed 2008-07-28 add an 'assigned' plugin, for assigning issues to people 0.5
2008-07-28 issue openness/closedness/etc not checked in Operator#parse_args
fixed 2008-07-28 accept issue ids as well as issue names on the commandline 0.5
fixed 2008-07-27 update hook should trigger on project.yaml as well as issue yaml files 0.5
2008-07-27 HTML recent activity section should include release events as well as issue events
2008-07-27 'ditz log' should include release events as well as issue events
2008-07-26 gitorious integration
fixed 2008-07-26 rss feed for recent activity 0.6
fixed 2008-07-26 load hooks from both home directory and project directory 0.4
fixed 2008-07-26 add man page 0.4
2008-07-24 remove "references"
2008-07-23 log and shortlog should take an optional component name
fixed 2008-07-21 add more completion helper options 0.4
fixed 2008-06-29 'grep' should also grep against comments, log messages, etc 0.4
fixed 2008-06-26 add 'reconfigure' command 0.5
fixed 2008-06-19 HOME environment variable not available on windows 0.4
2008-06-19 allow commands like 'start', 'stop', 'close', etc to take multiple arguments
fixed 2008-06-12 improve html output to show recently-modified issues 0.4
fixed 2008-06-04 remove ditz-convert-from-monolith 0.4
fixed 2008-05-01 bash shell completion 0.4
fixed 2008-04-23 add a --comment option like git commit -m 0.5
2008-04-15 created and deleted events not in logs
2008-04-11 extended help for commands
won't fix 2008-04-06 simple conflict resolution tool
fixed 2008-03-07 plugin architecture for tighter SCM integration, etc 0.4
fixed 2008-03-07 commands needs full argument parsing 0.5