Store issues in .ditz directory by default

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A directory called "bugs" is rather ambiguous because: 1. Not all Ditz issues are bugs. 2. It does not indicate what tool created the issues. 3. It isn't in keeping with the common convention of RCSs wherein project metadata is stored in hidden .directories.

Ditz should, IMHO, store issues in a .ditz directory by default.


Id: 27cff05f35751c9fba05c27e763f206f492b8862
Type: feature
Creation time: 2008-09-26 18:27 GMT
Creator: Nolan Darilek <nolan@...>
Release: 0.6 (unreleased)
Component: ditz
Status: closed: fixed fixed

Commits for this issue

2008-10-26 19:57 GMT William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...> change default issue dir in bin/ditz as well [7505342]
2008-09-26 18:33 GMT Nolan Darilek <nolan@...> Closed issue. [8ad1e3d]
2008-09-26 18:32 GMT Nolan Darilek <nolan@...> Moved bugs directory to .ditz. [a7185cf]
2008-09-26 18:29 GMT Nolan Darilek <nolan@...> Updated configuration default. [8fcc772]

Issue log

2008-09-26 18:33 GMT Nolan Darilek <nolan@...> closed with disposition fixed
2008-09-26 18:27 GMT Nolan Darilek <nolan@...> created