hooks are run twice if a project devel root is under a home directory

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need to expand_path and make sure they're not duplicates before loading


Id: 3ab6808e91625239137faa11dd95fe4b459c85ae
Type: bugfix
Creation time: 2008-08-04 15:24 GMT
Creator: William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...>
Release: 0.5 (released 2008-08-20)
Component: ditz
Status: closed: fixed fixed

Commits for this issue

2008-08-20 00:07 GMT William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...> replace "load" with "require" and expand file paths to avoid duplicate loading [89820d2]

Issue log

2008-08-20 00:07 GMT William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...> closed with disposition fixed
replaced load with require and expanded the path name. i think that should do it. also did this for plugins.
2008-08-04 15:24 GMT William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...> created