add 'reconfigure' command

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will prompt you and rebuild config object


Id: 8e2914642bea4e6e0ed31311354769d49987d489
Type: feature
Creation time: 2008-06-26 20:47 GMT
Creator: William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...>
Release: 0.5 (released 2008-08-20)
Component: ditz
Status: closed: fixed fixed

Commits for this issue

2008-08-17 18:39 GMT William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...> add 'reconfigure' command Ditz-issue: 8e2914642bea4e6e0ed31311354769d49987d489 [5f9fa6f]

Issue log

2008-08-17 18:39 GMT William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...> closed with disposition fixed
2008-08-17 18:38 GMT William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...> assigned to release 0.5 from unassigned
going to need this now that there are plugins
2008-07-22 00:55 GMT William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...> unassigned from release 0.4
unscheduling from 0.4
2008-06-26 20:47 GMT William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...> created