Perform git-style automatic pagination

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I like that Git runs less or another pager of choice where it makes sense. Ditz should do this as well.


Id: ca9f1da2b34fdbf2735b702d209e3d62cf121dc3
Type: feature
Creation time: 2008-08-28 00:04 GMT
Creator: Nolan Darilek <nolan@...>
Release: 0.6 (unreleased)
Component: ditz
Status: closed: fixed fixed

Commits for this issue

2008-08-28 03:45 GMT Nolan Darilek <nolan@...> Closed #99. Ditz-issue: ca9f1da2b34fdbf2735b702d209e3d62cf121dc3 [2abf810]
2008-08-28 00:10 GMT Nolan Darilek <nolan@...> Made lots of commands use pagination Ditz-issue: ca9f1da2b34fdbf2735b702d209e3d62cf121dc3 [d045728]

Issue log

2008-08-28 03:44 GMT Nolan Darilek <nolan@...> closed with disposition fixed
This should probably get more testing, but as of not it works for me.
2008-08-28 03:43 GMT Nolan Darilek <nolan@...> assigned to release 0.6 from unassigned
2008-08-28 00:09 GMT Nolan Darilek <nolan@...> changed status from unstarted to in_progress
2008-08-28 00:04 GMT Nolan Darilek <nolan@...> created