add example hooks to webpage

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it would be nice to have per-SCM example hooks somewhere on the webpage.


Id: d744c4cc8b584621b14262dc8883ba2613dc6cb7
Type: task
Creation time: 2008-08-03 22:14 GMT
Creator: William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...>
Release: unassigned
Component: ditz
Status: unstarted

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2008-11-01 20:41 GMT William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...> unassigned from release 0.6
2008-08-17 02:29 GMT William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...> assigned to release 0.6 from 0.5
important but not critical
2008-08-03 22:14 GMT William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...> created