check for a "git push" having updated the issue db, and reload if so

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Id: febe451f6bbd6525353d737afb1114d6c8261025
Type: task
Creation time: 2008-11-01 20:32 GMT
Creator: William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...>
Release: 0.6 (unreleased)
Component: sheila
Status: closed: won't fix won't fix

Issue log

2008-11-06 04:20 GMT William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...> commented
maybe once issue 738933ad: comments should be in separate files, like issues are is done, it will make sense to revisit this.
2008-11-06 01:43 GMT William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...> closed with disposition wontfix
it's possible to get conflicts (multiple people commenting on the same issue comes to mind), so it's going to have to be a manual process for now.
2008-11-01 21:52 GMT William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...> commented
actually it's a little more complicated than that, because the working directory doesn't get automatically updated when you push. so either sheila has to poll every once in a while, or it has to reset the working directory when differences are detected. probably the latter is the best approach because it doesn't incur any unnecessary network traffic. (submitted via Sheila by ())
2008-11-01 20:32 GMT William Morgan <wmorgan-ditz@...> created